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Specialty fluids are used in a variety of applications within the aerospace industry during the manufacturing process, in flight and for maintenance purposes.

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Acota's products are used in numerous automotive applications.

3M™ Novec™ 73DE is used in a mono-solvent cleaning process for precision cleaning of metals, plastics, rubbers and composite materials. Surface modifier...

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Acota's products are used in numerous defence applications for production of components used in military hardware and ordnance.  

Precision cleaning fluids are used for mechanical parts; oxygen line and electronics...

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Specialty fluids are used extensively by the electronics industry in the cleaning and protection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and hybrid circuits.

Flux deposits are notoriously difficult to clean given the tight stand offs between...

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Typical applications may include:


Infection is the enemy of all medical practioners so it goes without saying that precision cleaning is one of the highest priorities in this industry.

For use on medical implants, such as hip joints, that extend our active lives, or the...

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Typical applications may include:


Precision cleaning in micro parts can be crucial for many reasons.

It may be to ensure an aesthetically perfect; spot-free clean of jewellery or watch parts, or to ensure miniature high-speed bearings in dental instruments are hygienic...

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Typical applications may include:


Within the optics industry the use of water-based cleaning methods can leave unwanted spots on the surface of the material.

Using a specialty fluid for the clean or as a rinse agent will ensure...

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Typical applications may include:


Fluorinated fluids have many uses in the pharmaceutical sector.  Low temperature reactions can take place in systems cooled by an indirect use of a heat transfer fluid.

Fluorinated fluids are low in toxicity, stable from pour point...

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Typical applications may include:

Science & Research

Acota's products are available in small pack sizes to support research and scientific studies.  

Our application engineers can provide technical support and laboratory resources to the sector to aid innovative research...

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