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Solvay Specialty Polymers

Fluorolink® is a range of versatile products based on perfluoropolyether technology. The chemistry of these products, when applied to a surface treatment or incorporated into a formulation, provides exceptional properties to the material.

Used as a surface treatment for natural stone, metal, glass and plastic, it enhances properties such as a lower surface energy, higher contact angle, reduced coefficient of friction, increased bio-compatibility and better oleo-hydrophobicity.

For paper and paperboard applications, visit www.solvayplastics.com.

Fluorolink®, as a surface treating agent, can be water or solvent based, either dissolved or dispersed. The protective perfluoropolyether layer can be provided by Fluorolink® alone or by its combination with other conventional treating agents.

As a building block, small amounts of Fluorolink® polymer modifiers can modify and improve the friction coefficient, the oleo-hydro repellency, the anti-stick and the stain release properties of various polymer systems such as polyurethane, polyesters, etc. Higher amounts can lead to modification of bulk properties, for example mechanical properties (lower Tg), lower refractive index and gas permeability and exceptional chemical resistance to the corresponding materials. Its perfluorinated organic molecules are chemically and thermally stable. They combine the typical properties of fluorinated compounds with unusual physical properties such as low glass transition temperature, low viscosity, low refractive index, and high gas permeability.

Fluorolink® PFPE products are not manufactured with, do not contain, and do not degrade to PFOA, PFOS or C8 telomer-like structures.

Surface Treatment

Fluorolink® PFPE can be water-based or neat. The protective perfluoropolyether layer can be provided by Fluorolink® PFPE alone or by its combination with other conventional treating agents.

Functional Group
Fluorolink® P56
Anionic polyurethane

Fluorolink® 5032
Cationic polyurethane

Fluorolink® F10

Fluorolink® S10
Alkoxy silane

Fluorolink® A10P
Alkyl amide

Fluorolink® AD1700

Fluorolink® MD700
(Meth) Acrylates

Building Block

Fluorolink® is a bifunctional PFPE specifically designed for use as a reactive monomer for polymer modification.

It combines the typically unique properties of fluorinated materials with the high versatility of a wide range of reactive and non-reactive end-groups. Fluorolink® PFPE is a suitable reactive additive for polycondensation polymers and others. All these benefits can be obtained without changing the bulk properties of the host material.

Functional Group
Polyurethane Resins
Epoxy Resins
Acryl Resins
Fluorolink® E10H
dihydroxy perfluoropolyether

Fluorolink® MD700
(Meth) acrylates

Fluorolink® AD1700

Mold Release

Fomblin FE20C is a hydroalcoholic perfluoropolyether micro emulsion, indefinitely stable within a defined range of temperature and concentration. The stability of the microemulsion is limited to between 5⁰C and 60⁰C. FE20C can be diluted down to 0.5% by weight of Fomblin without phase separation, if phase separation occurs from temperature change the emulsions will spontaneously redisperse when brought back to within the stable temperature range.


Fomblin FE20C can be used in a variety of mold release applications from synthetic rubbers to epoxy resins. Being a functional perfluoropolyether the use of Fomblin FE20C provides a strong affinity to the mold surface with very limited transfer of the release agent to the molded components and giving a uniform surface coverage with minimum film build up. Fomblin FE20C is chemically and thermally stable up to 200⁰C with low toxicity and flammability when diluted.