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Inventec® is one of Europe's leading Performance Chemical companies. They specialise in formulating and distributing a large range of surface cleaning products to industry.

It's Topklean™ range of products is widely used together with 3M™ Novec™ fluids in a co-solvent process.

Acota is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the Surface Technologies range.

Product Application Replaces
Quicksolv Cold cleaning White spirit, benzene, brominated solvents, HCFC-141b, trichloroethylene
Promosolv Vapour degreasing & precision engineering applications Brominated solvents, HCFC-141b, trichloroethylene
Biocal Descaling applications -
Promoclean TP Immersion cleaning with ultrasonics, metal component cleaning to remove greases, oils and waxes -
Promoclean Disper Spray cleaning, metal component cleaning to remove greases, oils and waxes -
Proclear Bio Biological cleaner for oils and greases -
Topclean EL20A/ EL20D / MC-1007/D Co-solvent for use with Novec HFEs in co-solvent immersion cleaning process HCFC-141b, CFC-113
3M 71IPA and Inventec TOPKLEAN

Sectors We Work In

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