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Novec(tm) Electronic Grade Coating

Novec coatings are a range of fluoropolymer surface modifier coatings designed for demanding applications in electronics. These coatings provide anti-wetting, anti-stiction, anti-migration and anti-corrosion properties.

3M® Novec(tm)


3M® Novec(tm)


Printed Circuit Boards,
MR heads, ink jet cartridges;

Anti-smudge easy clean coating for anti-reflective (AR) flat panel displays; pellicles; MEMS, fiber optics etc

2% solids approx one micron coating thickness

0.1% solids fluorosilane carried in Novec-7100

When applied to clean, moisture-free surfaces such as copper, aluminium, ceramic, steel, tin or glass, Novec 1700 coating dries to leave a thin transparent film with excellent anti-wetting, anti-stiction, anti-migration and anti-corrosion properties.

Novec 2702 is designed for more demanding applications. Both Novec 1700 and Novec 2702 are UL registered to QMJU2.

This makes it useful as a coating for a variety of applications, including:
  • Printed circuit boards
  • MR heads
  • Micro motors
  • Ball bearing tracks
  • MEMS
  • Ink jet print cartridges
  • Various hard disk drive components

The low surface energy film produced by Novec coatings repel liquids such as lubricating oils, silicones and photoresist solutions used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. Novec coatings are easy to apply, require no masking and air-dry in seconds.

Novec-1720 is designed to covalently bond to glass and metal oxides layers forming easy to clean, anti-smudge surfaces.