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3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids

3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic liquids are part of a family of fully-fluorinated compounds known as perfluorocarbons, or PFCs. Fluorinert liquids are premier heat transfer fluids, and have long been used as heat transfer media for extreme...

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3M™ Novec™ Hydrofluoroethers

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids require little maintenance and offer dependable performance. They have high resistivity and will not damage electronic equipment or integrated circuits in the event of a leak or other failure. They exhibit...

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3M™ Performance Fluids

3M™ Performance Fluids are perfluorocarbon liquids that have unique chemical and physical characteristics.

They are ideally suited for:

Direct contact cooling Removing particulates from...

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Certonal Heat Transfer Fluids

Certonal® heat transfer fluids are a range of fluorinated fluids with exceptional thermal stability; dielectric properties and are essentially chemically inert.

The primary differences in the fluids are in their boiling points and pour...

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