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Novec(tm) Fluorosurfactants  are excellent wetting, leveling and flow control agents for a variety of waterborne, solvent-borne, high-solids and radiation curable organic polymer coating systems.

Novec FC-4430 is a non-ionic polymeric fluorochemical surfactant belonging to a class of coating additives which provide low surface tensions in organic coating systems that are best served with fluorochemicals.

Novec FC-4434 is a dilute solution of 25% active fluorochemical surfactant in a water miscible diluent. It is designed to be used at between 0.05% and 0.3% active surfactant.

Novec FC-5120 is an anionic fluorochemical surfactant supplied as a 25 wt% solution in an isopropanol blend. 

Novec fluorosurfactants tend to reduce the aqueous/organic interfacial tension and remain surface active in the organic portion of the polymer system.

These new fluorosurfactants...

  • Dramatically lower surface tension
  • Help paints and coatings overcome surface contamination
  • Are effective in both aqueous and solvent-based systems

With Novec fluorosurfactants it is possible to control the surface tension of the coating during the entire coating process.

Improved wetting

Novec fluorosurfactants aid in the wetting of a coating applied to a variety of materials, including hard-to-wet surfaces such as plastics and oily metals. They can even help overcome contamination from roller grease, condensation drip, dust, gel particles or silicones. Lowering surface tension during application helps to prevent surface defects, including cratering, picture framing, fish eyes and de-wetting.

Better leveling

Novec fluorosurfactants improve leveling by reducing or even eliminating gradients during the coating dry down phase-resulting in a smoother, more uniform surface. Novec fluorosurfactants control surface tension throughout the entire drying or curing phase. Maintaining low surface tension throughout this process creates smoother, higher gloss coatings.