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3M Specialty Material Sole Distributor

Certonal® FC-742

A clear, low viscosity solution of a fluorochemical polymer coating for circuit board protection.

Certonal® FC-752

A clear, low viscosity solution of a fluorochemical polymer coating with enhanced abrasion resistance.

Novec(tm) Electronic Grade Coating

A range of fluoropolymer coatings designed for applications in electronics.

Coating Equipment

Coating systems designed for coating printed circuit boards and precision components.

Novec(tm) Cleaning Fluids

Suitable for use in vapour and immersion degreasing processes.

Novec(tm) Hydrofluoroethers

Novec HFEs are low-Global Warming fluids designed to replace CFCs and HCFCs.

Surface Cleaning Wipes

3M Surface Cleaning Wipes for aerospace applications


Excellent wetting, leveling and flow control agents for organic polymer coating systems.

Fluorinert(tm) Electronic Liquids

3M perfluorocarbons have many versatile applications in heat transfer and electronics.

Performance Fluids

Perfluorocarbon liquids that have unique chemical and physical characteristics.

Solvay Specialty Polymers

Solvay Fluorolink high performance surface treatments and additives.

Fluorad(tm) HQ-115 Battery Electrolyte

An electrolyte salt ideal for organic electrolyte-based lithium batteries.

Inventec(tm) Performance Chemicals

One of Europe's leading Performance Chemicals companies.

Esseco UK Limited

A specialised range of aqueous precision industrial cleaners.

Goat Throat Pumps

Designed for use with oils and petroleum based products.