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Our range of Solvay products offered include:

Fomblin® FE20C which is used to impart the properties of liquid fluoropolymers to a variety of substrates. It is commonly used as a mould release.

Fluorolink® PFPE polymer...

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Battery Electrolyte

The addition of a unique fluorinated salt into battery electrolyte has significant benefits, including improvements in battery cell life and safety.

3M™ HQ-115 is an electrolyte additive used in commercial lithium ion batteries.


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Battery Electrolyte Products:

Circuit Board Protection

Designed for demanding applications in electronic circuit board protection and corrosion prevention, our range of fluoropolymer surface modifier coatings provide anti-wetting, anti-stiction, anti-migration and anti-corrosion...

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Circuit Board Protection Products:

Dielectric Fluid

Direct contact cooling of live electronic circuits and electrical components requires a fluid with excellent thermal characteristics and dielectric properties.

3M™ Fluorinert™ and Novec™ fluids have both properties; are non...

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Fingerprint Development

A challenge existed, following the restriction of use of CFC-113, to identify a carrier solvent, which would deliver excellent results in latent fingerprint development on porous surfaces.

Fluids like acetone, petroleum ether and...

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Fingerprint Development Products:

Glass Coating

Give glass and glass-like surfaces an easy-to-clean coating to help them look good, feel good and function properly.

Handheld mobile devices and touchscreen displays let users access information with a simple swipe, but they also tend...

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Glass Coating Products:

Heat Transfer & Cooling

The ability to transfer heat from one place to another is crucially important to electronics and semiconductor manufacturers. The dielectric fluids that are used to maintain temperatures are under increasing demand to provide a long-term, low...

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Mould Release

Mould release agents can be used in a variety of applications from synthetic rubbers to epoxy resins.

Often they are needed to perform in aggressive chemical environments and high, or wide-ranging, temperatures.

Fomblin FE20C,...

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Mould Release Products:

Precision Cleaning

High performance cleaning for life

In today's regulatory landscape the selection of a cleaning solvent can be challenging. Users must evaluate performance, environmental impact, safety and cost before making their choice of how to remove a...

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Silicone Deposition

Specific deposition applications include hypodermic needles, surgical and cutting blades, blood bags, filters and PVC tubing which require a coating to become lubricious.

3M™ Novec™ fluids can disperse a wide variety of coatings,...

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Silicone Deposition Products:


Contamination, surface defects and hard-to-wet surfaces cause many problems in paints and coatings. Unsightly effects are just some of the problems formulators face.

To address these defects, surfactants are added. Surfactants decrease...

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Surfactant Products:

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